Golf Membership

Championship 18 Hole Course in the heart of Glen Alpine

CategoryFee 2017/18
7 Day Playing Membership$1,160.00
6 Day Playing Membership$880.00
Intermediate 7 Day Playing Membership (18-25 years)$599.00
Emergency Services 5 Day Playing Member$699.00
Country Membership$350.00
Junior 7 Day Membership (12-17 years)$200.00
Junior 6 Day Membership (12-17 years)$150.00
Cadet Membership$25.00

(Rates are per annum/ pro rata)

Senior Membership is available after ten (10) years consecutive playing membership. Senior Membership holders must also be over fifty-five (55) years of age and receiving the pension or be self-funded retirees.

How to Join

To join as a Golfing member you will need to complete the green Campbelltown Golf Club Membership Form (available below). Fill it out and return it to Campbelltown Golf Club in person so we can process your membership. You will then become both a Golfing Member of the Campbelltown Golf Club and a member of the fantastic Campbelltown Catholic Club at no additional cost!

Click here to download a Golf Membership Application Form (pdf)