Junior Golfer: Jordan Cachia

Jordan has been a Junior at Campbelltown Golf Club for over 9 years and has now embarked on a new journey over in American attending College at Scotland Campus, Scotland, Pennsylvania.

He is now learning to balance golf life and study and is always representing his Family and Campbelltown Golf Club with pride.


We wish him all the best and see below some of his upcoming events.

These are the events he is playing in.

1.       New Jersey Spring Junior Open, 27-28 April @ Hopewell Valley

2.       Maryland Spring Junior Open, 4-5 May @ Worthington Manor

3.       Philadelphia Junior Open, 11-12 May @ Five Ponds

4.       Academy Cup Series 2, 18-19 May @ Shenandoah Valley

5.       Mid-Atlantic Junior Open, 1-2 June @ Chesapeake Bay