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Reciprocal Clubs
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General Manager – David Turner
Patron – Peter Smith

President – Phil Higgins
Vice-President – Ken Deweske
Club Captain – Shaun Mitchell
Committee Member – Alison Healy
Committee Member – Peter Biffin
Committee Member – Greg Bonham

Peter Smith
Gordon Sullivan*
Donald Maher*
Warren Buckley
June Smith
Gerry Harvey*
Ross Fitzpatrick*
Elizabeth McCarthy*

* Denotes deceased

Mudgee Golf Club
Bathurst Golf Club
Belconnen Magpies


Responsible Service of Alcohol

Campbelltown Golf Club actively promotes and practices the responsible service of alcohol at all times. As an active member of the Campbelltown Liquor Licensing Accord, we further support initiatives agreed upon by accord members that enhance and promote a safer environment.  Under the NSW liquor laws, licensees and staff must ensure that patrons do not become intoxicated. We are required by these laws to refuse entry to, and to immediately remove any persons from, our premises who are deemed intoxicated. It is an offence to permit intoxication on licensed premises and the licensee is liable if any person displaying signs of intoxication is allowed entry or not removed from the premises.  The board of directors, staff and management of Campbelltown Catholic Club welcome you to our club and thank you for your support in the responsible service of alcohol.

Responsible Conduct of Gaming

Campbelltown Golf Club is committed to responsible gaming. As a member of ClubSafe, we abide by Responsible Conduct of Gambling Best Practice Guidelines. These best guidelines represent an approach where the environment in which gambling is conducted minimises harm and meets community expectations. Campbelltown Golf Club aspires to achieve a harm-minimisation objective in our gambling operations.  Individual player activity statements are available upon request from a Duty Manager or by phoning 4625 0000.

Dress Regulations

To ensure club standards are maintained, we ask that all patrons wear clothing that is neat, clean, tidy and free of offensive slogans. Beach wear is not permitted.  In all cases management discretion applies.

Privacy Policy

Campbelltown Catholic Club is subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988. We take the protection of your personal information seriously.