Hole 3

Glen Alpine

Now begins the examination, this hole of 490 metres is only reached in two by the mighty. This being the first of three par fives on the course, most players are hoping to have no worse than a five on the card. The hole is heavily guarded by out-of-bounds all the way down the left. It is a genuine three shot hole to reach the green. A driver of the tee is sometimes not the best option for the more experienced golfer. A blind second shot is required over a crest that needs to finish short of the bunker that is well positioned in the middle of the fairway. This will leave an easy pitch to a very large green with the only trouble being a large bunker at the front of the green to catch an errant pitch.

Hole Statistics

Black Par 5 495 m 17/32

Gold Par 5 480 m 17/32

Silver Par 5 448 m 3

Bronze Par 5 419 m 3